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I was a huge fan of Zelda. For me, The Ocarina of Time on the N64 was one of the finest games ever made. So when I first fired up a recent addition to the App Store, under the name of “The Treasure Hunter”, I thought I’d be in for a real treat. The artwork, burning torches, elf-like characters and even the menu screen music are reminiscent of the old Nintendo classic. But that’s about as far as it goes.

The menu layout and graphics are pretty darn slick. Simple, but slick. There is a definite professional feel to the game and the music is well suited. Until you get to the actual game that is. Out of nowhere, Cypress Hill-esque beats drop and the magical, enchanted feel is pretty much lost.

The actual game is simple. Tap left to move left, right to move right and up to jump. As The Treasure Thief dashes forward, collect as many coins as possible whilst avoiding any obstacles that lie in his path. It’s actually a bit more difficult than it sounds. The movement feels a bit jerky and it’s sometimes difficult to spot obstacles because the game is so dark.

There are 24 levels to work your way through, although I’d be surprised if anyone manages to get that far. I got stuck on level 2 and got bored of trying after 5 minutes. Perhaps I’ll give it a go another day!

£1.19 seems a little steep considering the competition out there. Nevertheless, it’s not an entirely bad game. If 3D, treasure grabbin’, hip-hoppin’, castle type games are your thing, this might just be worth a pop.