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Soundboards have been popular for some years now. There are countless web sites out there with little snippets of celebrity voices and song lyrics that can be activated to pull the ultimate prank phone calls. Who hasn’t received a call from Arnold Schwarzenegger at some point in their life? Since the introduction of mobile apps, soundboards have taken the market by storm. Some are great and some not so.

If you’re lucky enough to have been hiding under a rock for the past couple of months and have somehow bypassed ‘teen sensation’ Rebecca Black’s hilarious yet preposterous song, ‘Friday’ then this app will mean nothing to you. But for the many of us who have unwillingly heard the sickening teeny-bopper remind us in which order the days of theweek will fall, you can now annoy all of your friends with the ‘It’s Friday’ app for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Now, as soundboards go, this has been executed pretty poorly. Each sound clip still has the backing track and it can be difficult to pick out the oh-so-inspirational lyrics. However, the app is free and as such we can’t really knock it. It’s good for a bit of fun and with 8 sound clips to choose from, you’ll be sure to embed the painfully catchy lyrics into your friend’s heads.