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Having never really been crazy about golf, I was a little bit cynical when asked to check out Puttluck, a game that claims to turn your iPhone 4 into a golf putter. But nonetheless, I downloaded the full version for 59p (99c for those in the US) and gave it a try.

Putt Luck

How Does it Work?

This is a putting game. It’s all about getting the golf ball in the hole in as few ‘putts’ as possible. Now, I’m no golf pro but even I got the gist of that. It’s the way in which you putt though that sets this game aside from other golf games on the market.

Once you’ve lined up your shot, your iPhone quite literally becomes the putter, insofar as you have to swing the way you would a putter, with your phone in order to take your shot. As iPhone golf goes, this is pretty innovative.

The Good!

  • It’s almost a cliché now to say this about iPhone games, but this really is addictive.
  • Practice makes perfect. I’ve always been a fan of games at which you can improve the more you play and this is definitely one of them.
  • There’s skill involved! I’m actually starting to feel like a semi-talented golfer!
  • The golf course graphics are brilliantly designed
  • Real competitions. I haven’t taken part in them yet but there’s Gamecenter competitions with actual prizes (£500 worth of prizes provided by their sponsor, Black Widow). These are held during the some ‘real life’ golf tournaments.
  • Gamecenter enabled. I’ve got to the stage now where I almost refuse to play a game unless it’s on Gamecenter. What’s the point in playing if you can’t compete?

The Bad

  • It’s not available on the 3GS!

That really is my only complaint. Around half of my Gamecenter buddies don’t have an iPhone 4, so they can’t play! It’s only available on iPhone 4 and iPad 2. This is down to the game using the gyroscope, which wasn’t present in previous phones.


One of my favourite iPhone games! I couldn’t ‘putt’ it down!

If you’re not quite prepared to part with your cash yet, you can get Puttluck Lite for free! This version won’t let you take part in the tournaments but it’s definitely a good way to practice.

The full version is available here.

You can also get all the terms and conditions of the competitions from the Puttluck competition page.