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We know how awesome the iPhone is for productivity. We know how many really useful things it can do. But most of the enjoyment I get from my iPhone is in the pointless but fun things it can do and Mouthoff (which is available on both iPhone and Android I believe) is a perfect example.

Mouthoff is a pretty simple app in terms of concept. I’ll let this video do the explaining:

It’s reasonably priced at 59p. The graphics for the various mouths are absolutely awesome and it’s a really simple idea. Hours and hours of fun to be had!

I love the application and love even more the way the developers are encouraging social media interaction on their website at http://iphone.ustwo.co.uk/iphone/apps/showusyourmouthoff/ which is resulting in a lot of Youtube videos going up. Some of them are hilarious.

The verdict? Yes, I know it really is a simple app. I know it’s a pointless app. But it’s brilliant!

The app is developed by Ustwo and is available for download on iPhone here.