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Searching for the best deals on car insurance is usually nothing short of a headache. Whether you’ve bought a new car or you simply want to renew your policy, the MoneySupermarket Car Insurance app for iPhone will help you find the best deals around.

We love utility apps,which are designed to make things easier for us, here at App Smarty, and this is one of them. Straight from your iPhone you can compare prices with some of the biggest insurance providers around and save money. In fact, MoneySupermarket claim that you’ll save an average of £374.95 if you compare prices through them. Not bad for a free app!

The actual design of the app is pretty slick and user friendly. In just three clicks you can switch your insurance and start saving money. Insurance can be a bit of scary subject for some people. It’s often a minefield of loopholes and ambiguities, yet this app helps to eliminate all of that. It makes buying insurance about as easy as it possibly can be.

If you’re still unclear about something to do with a policy, one tap on your iPhone’s screen will let you dial the provider directly and speak to someone over the phone. This will help you clear up anything that your not 100% sure about. This app gives you peace of mind, whilst saving you time and most importantly, money.

It couldn’t be easier to get you account up and running. Enter a few simple details and start searching for the best car insurance deals. The video below demonstrates just how useful and easy to use this app really is.

Follow the link below to download the free MoneySupermarket Car Insurance app, directly from the App Store.

MS Car Insurance - Moneysupermarket.com