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I’m a bit of a retro geek when it comes to my gaming. I like Mario (in 2D). I like Sonic (again in 2D) and I like simple games. I prefer little plumbers jumping on mushrooms to the blood, guts and realistic gore that games can now offer. I prefer little mushroom men throwing TNT at each other on a cartoon race course than some uber-realistic race track with kitted out cars.

That’s probably why iPhone games work for me! And it’s certainly why this one does.

crash kart iphone app review

The Basics: The app is available on the app store for £1.79 here. When I played the game I was going so on an iPhone 4.

Anyone who enjoyed the Crash Bandicoot games on the original Playstation console will love this… as too will anyone with a similar level of obsession with Mario Kart as I do. Granted, the concept of this game does take a lot of Mario Kart elements and arguably just copy them. But it works – at least for me!

Steering is controlled by tilting the phone in landscape mode as if it were the steering wheel (reminiscent of the Wii?) and you can pick up “tools” in the boxes littered throughout the 12 courses. These tools can assist in inhibiting your opponents, by leaving bombs in their tracks, for example, or help you further your progress, for example by switching your position and the positions of an opponent who is ahead of you. So while the contents of the cartons are different than the Mario Kart cartons, the concept is certainly the same.

I have read a lot of reviews online that criticise the lack of originality in that context, but personally I absolutely love the game. The controls work a dream, at least on my iPhone 4 and the steering is responsive. It’s easy to get to grips with but there’s enough going on that it doesn’t get boring. Not one of the cheaper games on the app store, but one worth having.