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Can Knockdown is a free iPhone app (available here) based on the traditional fairground game of throwing things at cans with a view to knocking them over. Sounds simple? Well, in theory, it is. But there’s a certain knack to getting it right on the iPhone.

If you clear a level using just one ball, you will get a multiplier on the next level. So clear the first level, for example, in one ball and on level two you’ll get x2 on all cans knocked over. If you do that level in one ball, on level three you will get a x3 multiplier and so on. However, as soon as you use more than one ball for a level you lose your multiplier…and of course, there are limited balls.

It’s the sort of game you get better at with practice, which of course encourages you to play more. But no matter how well practiced you are, you just can’t guarantee getting it right every time.

I got over 1000 points once but can’t seem to repeat that feat…. It’s infuriating. But I love it!

The game is Gamecenter compatible and it’s perhaps that which was the biggest pull for me. I’m a little bit competitive to say the least.