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A nifty little app that caught our eye recently is Tap DJ available on the iPhone. For every budding DJ out there, you can put your mixing capabilities to the test on this powerful app that turns your iPhone into fully functioning MP3 turntables and mixer.

Using MP3s from your iPod library and a number of preset loops, the stylish platform allows you to cut, scratch and mix between tracks.  Slide your finger over the record platter to control the track, using the visual display to work out your cue points. This brings us on to the apps major flaw.

Because there is only one audio output on the iPhone, you can’t pre-listen to the track being cued. Along with the absence of a beat counter, this makes it near on impossible to beat match perfectly. Cue tracks up using the live visual waveform, and with a bit of luck, you might just avoid the dreaded galloping beats.

There are plenty of knobs and buttons to experiment with, including echo and reverb effects, a fully functioning equaliser, realistic pitch control and record and loop functions. You can even record your own samples using the iPhones built in microphone.

But we’ve saved the best feature until last. iPhone 4 users can use the built in gyroscope technology to control the record. Spin your phone to spin the record. What’s more, if you place your phone on a real turntable, you can control the track as if it were a real record.

This just falls short of being a professional tool. However, there are plenty of features to keep you entertained for hours.