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We absolutely love apps that make things easier for us. Sure, we love games and apps that make us laugh, but we really don’t thin there are enough apps there out there that are actually really useful. We need more apps that eliminate the ‘annoying’ from mundane, day-to-day tasks. iphone calendar app

We’ve come across a nice little app called eMeetMe that lets you arrange meetings easily and efficiently. There are plenty of mediocre apps out there that have a similar functionality, but eMeetMe allows you to propose numerous times and dates for your meeting. Choose the times that you’ll be available, decide who you want to invite from your list of contacts and hit send.

All of your chosen contacts will receive an email stating the proposed times for your meeting and they’ll get to select the time that suits them best. All the responses will then be sent back to you and you’ll be able to view them through the app. From the responses you can clearly see which is the most suitable time and once confirmed, an email will be sent out confirming all the details.

Sound complicated? Well, it really isn’t! Take a look at this video, which might do a better job of explaining how it works.

The great thing about this app is that not everyone needs an iPhone for the meeting to be arranged. Plus the app can be used for much more than arranging work meetings. If you just want to arrange a night out with friends or an event at your local sporting club, this app has pretty much got it covered.

Simplicity is key with eMeetMe. The interface is slick, uncomplicated and allows you to do everything you could ever possibly need to when arranging an event. It gets a thumbs up from the AppSmarty team.

Download the lite version for iPhone here: eMeetMe Lite for iPhone